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Have you ever questioned yourself if your penis is big enough? or if what your doing in bed is enough to satisfy your partners sexual desires? if your answer is yes, don’t worry it’s normal.

Today, penis enlargement (read more about penis enlargement on is possible and no longer taboo unlike before. Since penis enlarging is a great market today, many companies have developed different kinds of products that promises to make a better man out of you, while some works some don’t.

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Devices and Exercise

I can only recommend you two kinds of methods if you plan on enlarging your cock, which is penis exercise and using a penis extender.

Penis exercise is a very long and tedious path if you ever want to get a bigger cock, if your a busy person then this method is a big no-no for you.

Using an extender device is the same as doing those boring exercises but in automated mode and you can be sure that it’ll always work because thousands of men had already achieved their desired penis size by doing the “traction” method, ohh I forgot to tell you that the traction method is the medically approved technique used by penis extenders, nice eh?

While these devices are a little bit expensive, keep in mind that these are medical type 1 devices which means that the materials used is approved by doctors and surgeons from the UK and USA. Price really does matter on this one but every penny is worth the spending, just think about it as an investment for a better you not somebody else but Y-O-U whose gonna benefit from this.

But a friendly reminder, if you’re planning on buying those devices be sure to only buy the ones that’s legally endorsed by the medical community. For me (yes ME) the ones that I use is Sizegenetics, it’s the only penis device that I came across that’s endorsed by the medical community.

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